Join me this Saturday, February 17th ❤️ at 10 am EDT on Zoom

Heart Activation

This February Satsang I would like to celebrate Valentine’s with a BIG heart activation

As we all know February is well known as the month of love

Whether you are madly in love or happily single there is nothing like a great energetic ‘reboot ‘ to open up your heart for MORE!

Allowing for greater abundance of love in whatever area you choose to place it.

A well balanced Heart is the KEY to happiness in every area of your life but… a HAPPY heart is a guarantee in being able to enjoy life in the highest vibration of LOVE.

So let’s get your HEART cellularly reset to a brand new frequency—A love Song 🎶 that opens the door to MORE in the best way possible for YOU and all of your LOVE.

1 investment of $111 per Satsang

If you are not familiar with my Satsangs, they were inspired via one of my amazing mentors (The Barefoot Dr.)and in his passing I wanted to keep a door open for wisdom seekers who can receive Intergalactic activations to support their own journey in this game of life.

The Satsang is a 1-hour zoom group call, that includes a guided meditation channeled through the Divine collective and Intergalactic Beings of Pure Light offering transformative energy personalized for each person who joins the call.

If you cannot make the live event, a recording will be sent to you. 

All activations are unique and always aligned for your highest good as a way of supporting you through these ever changing shifts.
The energies have been intense but we are built for it…

Let this Satsang experience reset and align you to the flow and ease life is meant to be.

See you in the Sunshine ☀️,

Intuitive Light Worker, Medium, Facilitator of Transformational Energy & Divine Mastery