Next Satsang: April 23, 2022 at 10h30am
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April 23, 2022

In light of the intense MAGNITUDE of energy waves ,solar storms,sun flares,Full moon,Ascension portals all impacting the electromagnetic environment of the planet and of course YOU at this time,I felt that there was just too much at play and decided to move the Satsang the the 23rd in hopes that we will have a bit of reprieve before activating and aligning to more.

It’s one of those times when less is more.

So the message that I would like to extend to support you through the imbalance that you may be experiencing vibrationally is to GROUND at least twice a day (morning and before bed)and reinforce your shields with the violet flame to keep you as detached and protected as possible.This is key in staying within the eye of the storm -moving through not against so as not to get caught up in the turbulence.

Stay positive in your thoughts,actions as well as emotions and allow the lifting and clearing to support you in stride knowing that all is unfolding as it should and ascension is inevitable for those who are ready.

We are living extraordinary times so buckle up -you have signed up for this and you will make it through with more ease so long as you sit from within and stay anchored and grounded so that you can soar once the storm has past.

I believe next week will be a wonderful opportunity to reset and realign with the energy-flow to support and integrate all of this newfound ascension effortlessly.

If a bit of a rebalancing sounds right to you about now then please join us on the next Satsang and allow the adjustments these powerful activations bring forward support you in the very best way possible.

To All of YOUR Light,

1 investment of $111 per Satsang

Satsang is a word in Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people «being in the company of the Highest truth.»

It is with heartfelt intention that I have chosen to maintain a beautiful ritual that I was once blessed to be apart of with one of my most incredible mentors Stephen Russell,The Barefoot Dr.

He crossed over into his next journey this past February of 2020 and since then it has been my wish to keep his light alive within me by continuing a tradition that brought so much insight and understanding to my own evolution. It was something I always set aside time for as he had a grace and wisdom that was beyond measure and left each one of us after every Satsang with a deeper awareness of the beauty and simplicity of life and our grandeur within in.

The time has come and I think The Doc would be as pleased as punch to know I am continuing a ritual that I hope can bring something special to each of you.

I will hold this Satsang for everyone’s highest intentions . On each call there will be a lesson channeled through Spirit, some time to chat and then close with a guided meditation.

If you feel like staying connected with me and continuing to pursue your own path of enlightenment then these Satsangs will be a nice place to start.

Should this resonate with you please see all details below and feel free to ask any questions.

All Satsangs will be recorded should the day and time not always be convenient.