It is important for people to understand that in order to receive what it is they want ... they first have to be in energetic alignment to receive it.

( law of physics;what you vibrate out is what is returned to you )

If you are not in vibrational alignment to that desired outcome impossible to get it.
Or - a lot of work trying ....

That is the most important takeaway.

Programs that are offered

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Satsang is a word in Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people «being in the company of the Highest truth.»

It is with heartfelt intention that I have chosen to maintain a beautiful ritual that I was once blessed to be apart of with one of my most incredible mentors Stephen Russell,The Barefoot Dr.

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A one on One reading that simply allows you the clarity that you may be needing to help you move forward in any area of your life where you feel blocked.

I read your energy ,connect to your spirit guides and see what comes forward in present time. This can include past lives,karmic imprinting and connecting with loved ones that have crossed over.

It is designed for anyone ( you do not have to be Spiritual) that is at a crossroads or simply needs clarity and guidance on how to proceed with their issues at hand.

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Learning to tap on and release blocked energy that is preventing you from moving forward in any area of your life.
Given over 3 consecutive weeks.

Anxiety zapper 10-0

Learning how to bring down your intensity from 10-0 with Tapping ( EFT)

In this program you learn the tools to release and let go of STRESS-OVERWHELM & ANXIETY.


  • Time management
  • Career
  • Work related issues
  • Low self esteem/ confidence
  • Self sabotage patterns
  • Money issues & Blocks
  • Undervaluing yourself
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting
  • Marital issues
  • dealing with disabilities
  • overcoming loss
  • Health and illness issues
  • Fear or difficulty with public speaking
  • Emotional eating
  • Fears & phobias
  • Sleep issues

  • 2 Types of Breath work :
    1. Circle breathing : to release stress that is congesting your energy flow and bring in light energy in order to raise your vibration to align with what you want to attract.
    2. Breathe of Grace : This is a multifaceted technique that brings your ego and spirit into alignment and opens your heart chakra by allowing you to access your own wisdom.
  • -TAPPING:(Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT)
    You will learn how to use and apply the tapping technique and be given tapping statements to work on independently to maintain the energy flow you are in,allowing you to bring down the intensity of your emotions quickly and easily.

  • WEEK ONE: 1 1/2 hour session
  • WEEK TWO: 1 hour session
  • WEEK THREE: 1 hour session

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This is designed for those who want to learn how to reconnect on a more spiritual level. It allows you to return to your own Devine alignment and step back into your natural GPS. It is a two week session that puts you back in the drivers seat of your life.

  • Learning how to anchor and ground yourself (body & spirit)
  • shielding yourself ( closing your chakras )
  • Learning the use of the violet flame ; how to protect yourself and your surroundings.

  • creating your lattice ; holding the energy of intention
  • setting and aligning intentional energy to support you and your clients
  • smudging ( energy clearing) learning to clear energy from
  • You and Your environment

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This is a program that allows you to learn to grasp the energy reins of your life. In doing so and understanding your own personal power you become the master of your mind which in turn creates the Mastery of your life.

Through the practice of EFT( tapping ) and intentional mindset,anything you think ,you can create. Therefore setting any goals with chosen outcome can become a new way of seeing and experiencing your future,as it is your's to design.

It is taking your DREAM from a vision to a REALITY.

Once you are able to move past the " is this really possible " to this is incredible! A new world and new way of thinking and living awaits you.

This is an eight week course that teaches you how to release and let go of limited thinking and then implement and reprogram your mind for the desired outcome you set out to achieve. Harnessing this power not only puts you back in the drivers seat of your life but also allows you to be the co-creator of your future.

The beauty of this program is that it is designed by you for you. Meaning no two programs are the same because no two people are the same.

You are able to zero in on exactly what you would like to achieve or succeed in or accomplish. All depending on what area of your life you would like to focus on.


If you've ever struggled with reaching either a financial goal or personal goal, this process will likely be life-changing for you.

This program will have you looking at your goals from a new perspective . One that may have you realizing what blocks prevented you from the clarity that was needed to reach your goals in the past.

This technique teaches you to create a VISION for our life… and to visualize it as complete( by tapping on the chosen statements) until it starts to magnetize towards us – We are directing intention( energy) and allow the flow of life to show up for us (law of attraction)in a way that we have co-designed.


This includes 8 weekly 1 hour sessions.

You choose the topic you wish to bring into intension and then we design the ULTIMATE outcome in a step by step tapping ,clearing and then manifesting process.

A weekly homework plan of projection sheet and end result mind-set.

Always,before we begin I teach you how to set intentions visually with a quick "Three minute Meditation" used for Manifestation and Learning how to create your own vision ball.

After doing the 8 week course and releasing all beliefs that are preventing you from attaining your are set free and given a new way of thinking that is nothing shy of life changing .

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I am offering this to all of my clients whom I know would love to have more access to my energy clearing if they could !

This is a very quick, simple and efficient way of clearing out anything that is blocking you Vibrationally from being in your highest alignment to achieve the best results of your day.

How does it work ?

This clearing is a 10 minute session. It can be done Live ( with me) or by Skype or FaceTime - Your choice . Similar to how I start an Intuitive Energy Reading , I will align with you and clear you through breath work and Devine Light Energy.✨ You simply need to state what it is you would like to address to have cleared. If you don’t have anything specific, and just feel low vibrationally - that’s fine too. The point of the 10 mins is to clear and lift you back into alignment allowing you to easily access your desired vibrational outcome .

What is the 10-10-20? This offer is being sold in blocks of 10 sessions- Is 10 minutes long - - at $20 a session. It’s basically a $200 investment membership to keep you in Vibrational alignment with all of your intended goals and wellbeing.

What would I use this for ?

  • Clearing the chaos of your mind so that you can focus and concentrate for task at hand.
  • As part of a preparation for an important meeting.
  • Clearing yourself of someone’s toxic energy that you absorbed.
  • Resetting yourself for the Part2 of your day ; transitioning from work to home - supper - kids- homework!
  • Making it a ritual for whenever you feel off/ or out of step with your joy.
  • Releasing your worries of the day so that you may enjoy your downtime guilt free.
  • Helping you to clear your mind to study or focus better before exams or homework.
  • Letting go of stress or overwhelm so you can sleep better.
  • Or
  • ... just because you need it !

So often in my practice I see an immediate release in my clients energy after we have cleared through the breath. This is like mini vitamins for your soul .. you’ll just feel better if you do it.

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*New program teaching self mastery through Vibrational alignment.

Understanding first ,

“ You ALREADY are your greatest potential.”

✨This class teaches you how to step back into the Highest Vibration of you.

What does this mean? Your aligned path should be one of ease. The path of least resistance- What you are meant to do should come to you easily using your natural abilities since they are the North Star ⭐️ to your designed success. All that you do well naturally -your gifts or talents is in alignment with your own Devine Blueprint, your soul’s birthright.

✨In this class I will show you how simple and easy it is to return to your “ center” and get back on track with your inner compass. It’s a minor adjustment that allows for a major outcome; Living your best life with the greatest of ease and uncovering / rediscovering all of your Capacity. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

This Program is a 2 part series divided over 6 weeks -

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In light of the season of sniffles and flu I am offering EVERYONE Mums ,Dads and kids too... the advantage of boosting your immune system NATURALLY EFFICIENTLY and AFFECTIVELY! So that those ugly germs don’t catch up with you!

A few simple TAPPING statements is all you need to do to protect yourself and STAY healthy the whole winter through.

Tap in to this ...

Great double package deal

COLD & FLU PREVENTION AND REMEDY on sale now .. at $35 dollars ( 2 programs for the price of 1)it’s a steal!

WARNING: Repeated use could ensue a very Healthy and Happy New Year!✨

1 box of Kleenex $2.99
1 pkg of cold & flu medicine $8.99- $ 10.99
1 Cough syrup $ 8.99
1 Saline Hydra mist $12.99
1 pkg lozenges $3.99

🤧For one person = $ 39.95
This does not include added medication or Antibiotics!

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* A SUCCESSFUL SPIN to New Years resolutions !
( that works )

Chose 3 INTENTIONS you would like to see realized for 2019!

Learn how to actually
Tapping with conscious intention to co-create your “ intended “ reality .
The one you chose to live, not the one that unfolds through default.

We will address - clear - and release all subconscious limiting beliefs that do not support your desired result . Once you are cleared we will imprint your intentional outcome. From this , what you want to see, will be.

My Three Intentions ; 1 Personal 1 Professional 1 Challenge

This is a new way of living with intention and it will shift more than just your goals. It will give you the opportunity to see first hand the power of your mind and the Magic that can be manifested as a result of conscious co✨creation.

If New Years resolutions have failed you in the past then this is a whole new way of bridging dreams into reality by turning your thoughts into that which you want.

... come dream a little dream with me and set your imagination free!

Here’s to Your Magic of 2019 💫 Program 1 hour $177 on sale till Jan.31st at $ 150

To all of your Magic ✨

Bighug Ox DM💫

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*New program with Tapping Statments.

Choose to join the 10% who never experience Menopause Symptoms NOW!!

✨ Quick- Easy - Fast !

message me for more info on how to take back your life and your power !

This Program is designed for anyone who is GRIEVING from the loss of a loved one or pet ( Animals included)through DEATH that needs to be addressed healed and released.Bridging greater understanding of the After Life. This a very powerful session where we call in Spirit to allow for HEALING and CLOSURE.

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This Program is designed for anyone who is suffering from Breakups,Separation,Divorce,Empty Nest or any pivotal life change that needs to be addressed healed and released.Giving you permission to reset your compass and embrace life fully.

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This Program is designed for anyone that has been given a diagnostic health condition that feels overwhelming and/or life changing.We will address and clear the Shock,make room for the Message and allow for the Awareness that is needed to move through this life lesson with a chosen mindset of healing and wellbeing.

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I fully understand that the practioner is not a medical doctor and that I am not here for any medical diagnostic or treatment procedures. The practionner does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure an medical conditions or pathologies, nor prescribe medecine. For any medical condition, I am advised to seek care from an appropriate medical practioner.