Monthly Abundance Reset

Next Session #7 Oct 27, 2023

A monthly ‘tune up’ so to speak of your energetic alignment which will include a Clearing and reset intended to raise your vibration so that you can receive your highest and greatest abundant return in your career,relationships ,money and over all well-being.

This is going to help you make the proper frequency adjustments and stay grounded to support all of the constant magnetic shifts,uploads and sun codes that are coming in at rapid speed and can create disruption if not integrated and aligned regularly.

This ONE adjustment makes a huge difference of where you stand ,align and connect energetically to EVERYTHING else and also decrees what is returned to you vibrationally.

So,if we are going to invest our energy into each day why not line up with the BEST and allow for the best vibrational return.

Anyone who has participated in my 21DAYS or the 7Day Challenge know exactly how imperative it is to be anchored & grounded each day to support the needed stability of your vibrational set-point in order to detach from all outside chaos that can be terribly disruptive to not only your day but your mental,physical and spiritual wellbeing as well.

As we move forward (energetically speaking)this will become your way of staying true to you and your chosen vibration to carry you withy more ease and less disruption.

When: The last Friday of each month
Session #7: Oct 27th
Time: 12:00 - 12:20 noon EST
Investment $ 88.88 / session

This activation can be used every day afterwards, so it breaks down to less than $3 a day to maintain your monthly vibrational alignment.

See you in the Sunshine ,

1 investment of $88.88 per session