21 Days to Inner PEACE
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Introductory message from Donna-Marie

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Return to PEACE,

the thread of your every happiness and anchor to the reality that you choose to create.
Your world - intended through your thoughts and actions when grounded with intention and vibrational alignment.

This is Peace.

We have absorbed so much in these last two years and much of that energy is playing not only on our health but gravely impacting our sense of well-being.(our peace) While foundations are crumbling around us there is a constant charge of stress and anxiety that has taken the world by storm and we can certainly feel the effects of it by now in more ways than we would like.

This 21 Day daily activation is channeled through My Spirit Team for the greater collective as a balm for the soul and a reminder that peace is not a destination.

Peace is your ‘ place of well-being’
it resides within you and is always ready to be reclaimed even in the throws of chaos.

So many times in my practice I come across people wanting for only one thing :Peace .
Peace of mind,
Peace of heart
Peace of soul.

They express it like an unattainable wish when actually the truth is they have always been in possession of it- it’s absence buried underneath all the outward build up of stress anxiety and overwhelm.

Why would something that seems so simple be so hard to attain?

Because overwhelm over rides -

You are here to lead a life of Joy and be an example of love for others through your joy.

Joy is Peace
Peace is Joy.

This is the intention of our souls expression to live fully ,whole and complete in the full awareness of all that we are and all that we have come to share in the expression of our Joy , our light , our love. This is our soul in and on purpose.

Are you living it ?

Returning to who you are and reclaiming all that you are so that you can start applying immediately your strengths your gifts your intended awareness of how you choose to show up and live each day of your life in a place of peaceful groundedness learning how to not only stay there in that energy to support your day but also maintain it so that you allow this energy of peace become your ‘pace’ of being every day.

Peace = Passion =Purpose= Abundance of every kind…

Maybe it’s time ,one by one to shine our own light of Peace and rebuild a peaceful world.

Peace be with you,


To All of YOUR Light,

21 days to Inner Peace

1 payment of $499 for the 21 days.

Start Date: April 12, 2022

Time: 9:30 - 9:45 each Tues - Sat on Zoom


Thank you for those incredible 21 days. When I started I was exhausted in every way possible, wondering what to do, running wild in my head, feeling low emotionally and spiritually. When we started the 21 days , I very quickly felt the change. My mood and stress level totally changed. I don’t worry any more and feel connected and grounded. I am aligned with myself and don’t feel like a lost child any more. 15 minute call that’s all it takes to experience the magic . I cannot recommend enough working with Donna-Marie. SJ ✨✨

The 21-Day experience was absolutely wonderful! It was my first time doing a daily practice of this nature and I feel that it really provided me with practical tools to buffer me from the chaos of the outside world. I learned breathing and visualization techniques during the 15-minute daily practice that I was able to bring into the rest of my day at work. These techniques helped to decrease anxiety and stress through learning to detach from all sorts of energy vampires. I was also able to develop a deeper connection to my inner self through rediscovering and reintroducing play in my life. I highly recommend Donna-Marie's 21-Day program! xoxo Tara ✨✨

The 21 day challenge was the BEST way to start the new year! I've worked with Donna- Marie for a long time so have always found her sessions to be helpful. The repeated process of grounding and aligning to your personal place of power, however, was truly transformative. I now feel, no, I now know, I have all the tools neccessary to remain calm and joyful even in the midst of these crazy times we're living in. I have felt lighter, freer, more peaceful and yet more resilient than I can recall having ever felt. It's a beautiful experience and one I highly recommend to anyone who wants to fully tune in to all of their innate wisdom. Just BLISS! Jessica ✨ ✨

Well, well, well, what an extraordinary journey to start off 2022 as I wish to continue the rest of my life, haha! Thanks so much for your guidance 🙏 This session represented my first gift of this special year because I turn 50 in May! And here are some words of feedback: “STOP and come back to basics! We are living unprecedented times and the only thing that can help us go through is being us, being authentic, being aware! GIFT yourself a session with Donna-Marie and your life will never be the same, it's a game-changer, it is what you need to have a better, healthier, easier and blissful life." With gratitude, Claudia ✨✨

21 days was really exceptional! I’ve never felt this much in my body, connected to the my soul, grounded and being in power of my life. I’m feeling shifted and lifted with her activation and her team. Donna-Marie is doing extraordinary work . Each day, I become addicted to her energy and her great personnalty. These 21 days vibrational meditation was a life and soul changing experience and was so evolutionary . Thank you so much for sharing your knowlodge and for being such an authentic human being. Elif ✨✨

The continuous connection to self that the 21 days provides is almost magical. The guided messages are so acutely in tune with the energy of the day, every day. It is greatly obvious to my family when I have started the day by connecting within vs reacting without. I strongly recommend this experience to all those who are looking to find their center amidst all the storms that are currently surrounding us. It is a lifetime of value wrapped neatly in daily sessions of light. Thank you! Christine. ✨✨

I just finished my 1st "21Days" with Donna Marie. What a beautiful and grounding way to start the day! I can't wait for the next session to begin!! Thanks Donny for the truly enlightening and healing experience. ✨💕🌈 Linda ✨✨

Donna-Marie,I want to say, you are helping me tremendously to transform myself right now, you’re input is resonating on such a deep level and I am so grateful to have met you💜 🙏Laurence ✨✨

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