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Saturday Satsangs February 20th
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How would your life be better if you could change it?

Would you like to know how?

We were not taught to access our own power . . .

let alone understand it.

You truly are all that you were meant to be.

You just haven't learned how to tap into it.

With my Intuitive guidance while tapping on specific meridian points I can show you how to release:

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of clarity and direction
  • And any multitude of emotional blocks that are holding you back.

If you are not living everything you were designed to live,
I offer you that bridge.

The POWER, is yours . . .

Let me show you how access your soul's blue print and
Tap back into your own GPS

You get to keep the results.


Next one Feb 20th at 10 am Eastern
Register online for Saturday Satsangs. Looking forward to experiencing the Magic that always comes forward with these Satsangs and hope you can make it should you feel the call to be a part of it.

Divine Light Accelerator Mastermind

Join me Donna-Marie tomorrow January 20th on the Divine Light Accelerator Mastermind with Janet Miller!

Our world is in flux. We are traversing timelines and deciding what we choose to create in this new Aquarian age of love. Do we choose to create a peaceful, loving existence with humanity on our planet. Or do we choose to remain in the 3D system of patriarchy and control.

As we can see, controls are being managed and we get to decide if we choose to take the reins of responsibility and personal power or give it to those who would gladly manage your life to create the world they choose. It’s up to us.

Join me on Wednesday Jan.20th

Mind Revolution
Mind Resolution

This is a Resolution of the Mind
A scan is a quick fix ,does it help ? Yes.
But ... what brings the problem back ? Your mind .
Your thoughts are your most powerful weapon and you can either build and co create or destroy with them.
Once you have learned the skill to master your mind you can then very easily master your life.
This is the answer to not only results but permanent change.

Join me on Wednesday Jan.13th
At 3PM EST on the Alara Canfeild Show and learn how to Master your Mind !

30 Minute “Lift and Shift” at 50 % OFF!!!!!

This year, 2020, has been a year where we have been challenged to be pushed to evolve vibrationally and next 21 days of December is really going to be the last big push for 2020 to allow for that next step to facilitate more ease and alignment for the coming energies that will be brought forward with this powerful Solar Shift.

My personal mission for ALL of 2020 has been to return people back to their own power and reclaim all of their purpose and abilities that are intended for them in this lifetime.

We are living in destined and magical times and are here as a collective to support this Major transformation for all of humanity and the return of Peace and Love.

If you aren’t where you feel you should be,let me help you get there.

Acuity Calendar to book your appointment

Half price NOW till Dec.21st ....only $75 for 30 minutes


at 10 am Eastern
Register online for this coming Saturday at 10 AM est. Join me and my Spirit Team for a guided Activation to release any fear based congestion and reset yourself for more beauty and wonder..its there...come connect to it and find the blessings of 2020.

The most POWERFUL day of MANIFESTATION for 2020 !!!

at 11 am central
12 Noon EST !
Participate online as we travel between the pillars of light and ride this energy into creating your new reality!

The potency of this day is the Most POWERFUL day of MANIFESTATION for 2020 and the activation will be Magical ✨

CLEARING and REALIGNMENT to help Navigate these Challenging times

Listen with this link Today

BlissLife Show Global Healing Series Soul Purpose Awakening
Oct 2nd, 1pm

Join Live with this link

Replay Link

Please join Alara Canefield and me live today as we talk about ​​The Power of Now​ and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

How your thoughts are creating your future and how you can line up with ALL of your abundance NOW.

(August 2020)



Are you ready to accept and share global healing? The next Global Gathering is fast approaching and I will be bringing 6 powerful, heart-centered healers, visionaries, and spiritual teachers together for this beautiful event that will change lives. We will be giving away FREE Gifts and other offerings to every participant so keep the day/time free and i nvite your friends and family members to this powerful event.


or visit the FACEBOOK EVENT


Please join Donna-Marie Hallessey and Alara Canfield as we talk about ​​Reclaiming ALL of your Light Vibrationally​ and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

• Click here to watch the replay  •

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